Localization Training for Engineering Teams

We teach dev teams to operate at a global scale

Here's What We Cover

We can cover everything you see here, or only what's relevant to your team.

Globalization 101

The Basics

G11N, I18N, L10N. What do these even mean and how are they related?

Common Terminology

Let's review some of the common terminology used in this industry.

Getting Technical

Translation Management Systems

What are they, which one is the best, and do I even need one?

Common Workflows

There's more than one way to internationalize a codebase. Let's talk about the most common.

Locale Deep Dive

Wherein we discuss locales and what they tell us about a user (or a user's device?).

Following an HTTP Request

How do locales travel along an HTTP request, and what should we do with them?

Machine vs Human Translation

Do I have to hire translators directly? Can I rely on Google Translate? What about LLMs?

Architectural Decisions

Deployment Strategies

We cover the different ways to deploy translated strings to Production.

Database Schema

What should your DB look like if you need to store translated content?


Should we translate our error messages? How do we architect our API to be global-ready?


Does our framework support I18N? Which libraries should we use? How do we integrate it with a TMS?

Common Pitfalls

Translation Strings

There are a few small gotcha's with translation strings. Let's review them to minimize mis-translations.

Not Everything Needs Translation

Some programming languages come with pre-translate phrases. This can help you reduce translation cost.

What To Avoid

Let's review the common mistakes nearly every engineering team makes.

Ready to go Global?

Let us teach your engineers what it takes to operate at a global scale

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