Globalization Expertise for Software Companies

We have the experience your company needs to support a global audience

Developer Training & Education

We have one-time or ongoing training courses that teach development teams how to write code that supports multiple languages, currencies, and regions.

Starting with high-level concepts, like “What is Globalization?” and ending with practical recommendations around API design, frontend / mobile architecture, and writing strings that are easy to translate accurately.

Technical Architecture Consultation

How do you design an API to support a global audience? What’s the best translation workflow for our devs to follow? How do we display the right currency to the user?

By following best practices, your codebase can support any number of languages, regions, and currencies. We can meet with your technical leadership to discuss your specific codebase.

Strategy & Planning

How do you evaluate if a given language or region will be worth the effort? Would your current marketing approach work in other cultures and languages?

We can arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions on which languages and cultures are worth investing in. Our connections with local experts can give you a firsthand understanding of how users might connect with what your company is offering.

We can teach your engineering teams to operate at a global scale