About Us

Lingua Maven exists to educate engineers about the technical nuances of operating a global-ready codebase.

It was started by Aaron Presley, who has more than 20 years experience as a Software Engineer.

In 2016 Aaron got hired onto Nike's Globalization team. While there, he and his team built Nike's translation pipeline which handles 10,000+ translations every single day.

During his time at Nike, Aaron learned intimately what it takes to operate an engineering team that is able to adapt and handle a global audience. He was also honored to speak about his team's efforts at the 2018 Internationalization and Unicode Conference.

Since 2021 Aaron has been teaching other software companies how to write code for a global audience, and uses his network of Localization experts to provide his clients with diverse expertise.

Want to connect with Aaron directly?

Or you can email him at aaron@linguamaven.com